Remove your AQUATOMIC® from its box. Be aware, the magnet holders will tightly bunch together. This is normal, and the plastic holders can easily be separated for placement around your container of choice. Depress the top of SPRING BUCKLE to loosen strap. Place strap around container and tighten by depressing the top of the spring buckle and pulling in the elastic strap. Do not over-tighten. Please refer to "USES" on the web site: www.decluster.com for many examples of a typical installation.

AQUATOMIC® : AT-1000 adjustable strap will fit a small juice glass or up to an one gallon container.

After placing the strap on your container, slide the magnets on the strap so that they are positioned every 90° around container as pictured below:



 Pitchers  Cosmetic Jars
 Water bottles  Wine bottles
 Sun tea jars, jugs, etc.  Juice bottles and cartons
 Showers  Liquid drinks of all kinds

The new patent pending AQUATOMIC® water treatment device has been designed to fit many different delivery systems (both aqueous and non aqueous). The AT-1000 has a unique compact design that utilizes specially coated Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) magnets that deliver a total of over 17,000 structure altering gauss directly into the substance being treated.

The AQUATOMIC®’s Super-Strength Rare Earth magnets have the characteristics of extremely strong Boron resident induction and excellent demagnetization resistance capability. The magnets have a long life (1% decay rate per 100 years). However, heating the magnets above 176°F (80°C) will accelerate this decay rate. It is recommended that if using the device on a hot beverage to use it on a insulated cup or mug.

The AQUATOMIC® has been designed to enable you to take it everywhere you go. Now you can have Microclusterd water available “ON THE GO” : in Restaurants, at the Gym, while you are traveling in a car airplane, or anytime while you are away from your home. Once the AT-1000 is placed on your container, wait 5 minutes for the effect to take place. It is recommend you keep it on your container at all times. After the AQUATOMIC® is removed from your container the water will maintain its effect for 12 to 24 hours.

Caution: These are powerful magnets:

  • Do NOT remove magnets from plastic holders
  • Do NOT place on computers, electronic equipment and magnetic media hazard
  • Do NOT allow children to play with these magnets; they are not toy!
  • Do NOT get near a pacemaker; keep away from internal medical devices

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